Kuiddle is a simple way to discover opportunities to help others.

How Kuiddle Works

Teach Vinson guitar playing

Shuttle Cynthia to town

Help Gabriel with sewing

Help Emily replace lightbulbs

Help Serene prepare party food

Help Tom fix computer

Assist Gerald for medical checkup

Donate Time Credit to Gerald


Kuiddle in Action


For Non-Profit Organisations, Kuiddle improves your volunteer engagement

  • Attract and reward your volunteers with Time Credit
  • Manage and track your events take up rate
  • Analyse trends to improve volunteer uptakes
  • Learn about your volunteers demographics

Kuiddle aims to create a self sustaining time sharing social platform where people reciprocate help in the community.

For Companies, Kuiddle helps manage your Corporate Social Responsibility programmes

  • Reward your community members with Time Credit for helping any communities of your choice
  • Track and measure your members volunteering efforts
  • Discover your members altruistic social interest
  • Detailed reporting of your company's CSR targets

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